This Video Clip Presents the Beauty of Indonesian Nature

Music is a universal language for conveying messages. Want messages on social, political, environmental, education, family, love, and the spirit of life can enter various circles through music. Indonesia has an array of musicians delivering This Video Clip Presents the Beauty of Indonesian Nature.

Some often make songs about social, environmental, and political issues so that it becomes their hallmark. The messages in the songs are usually manifested through This Video Clip Presents the Beauty of Indonesian Nature. There is a touch of creativity in the making of the video clip. One form of creativity is the selection of the settings for the video clips to be made.

Saved in the Heart – Eka Gustiwana (ft. Prince Husein & Sara Fajira).

Throughout This Video Clip Presents the Beauty of Indonesian Nature, there are music players, singers, and traditional dancers. In the middle of the video, Sara Fajira gives a touch of rap using English and Javanese. As she sang, the violins added to the beauty of the song Tersimpan Di Hati. Not only is the song ear-catching, the location setting for the video clip is also stunning.

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Be a Legend – Superman Is Dead (SID).

This punk rock band from Bali presents the panoramic beauty of Indonesia, especially Bali, through a video clip of the song Be a Legend. Opened by the action of Bobby, the vocalist, controlling a mountain bike, the natural charm of the country began to appear. The action of Eka, the guitarist who acts like a photo-hunting traveler on his way, shows the richness of culture and the friendliness of the Indonesian people.

The Beauty of the World – Andien.

Through a calm song entitled Beautiful World, Andien presents Indonesia’s natural charm in a video clip. In the cold hands of Keenan Pearce’s wife, Gianni Fajri as the director, the video clip, published on August 15, 2017, shows the beauty of eastern Indonesia, such as Jailolo, West Halmahera, and Ternate in the North Maluku region.

If Love Has Color – Dinno Alshan.

Call it like The Woman You Choose – Rossa, Alone – Rio Febrian, Via Semesta – Randy Pangalila, and many more.
Now, this 37-year-old man from Yogyakarta stands with a personal name. He has made several singles since 2016. One of them is If Love Has Color. The video clip shows the charm of the beach, sea, and mountains in Bali.

Man Upon The Hill – Stars and Rabbit.

Still struggling with the panoramic view of Eastern Indonesia, it was the turn of the duo from Jogja Stars and Rabbit to present the beauty of Indonesian nature and culture through the song Man Upon The Hill from their album entitled Constellation.

Starting Over – Monita Tahalea.

Monita Tahalea said that in making the video clip for her song, she wanted the setting to have a natural nuance. When he presented the idea to the video team, Lombok appeared in their minds.

Fall in Heart – Raisa.

The 28-year-old singer who is waiting for the birth of her baby also has a video clip that presents the charm of Indonesian nature, to be precise Savana Bekol, Baluran National Park, Situbondo, East Java. For more information about business, you can visit this site goodtimebob