Eurovision Viewers Thrilled As ‘real Winner’ Mika Performs Medley At Contest

To increase the perceived possibility of any given entrant winning, offer a massage every day for a week. They’re also a really exciting thing to win because they’re such luxuries. Sure, it’s great to win a new vacuum or outfit, but a romantic getaway for two – away from the kids and in a location they wouldn’t normally see?


Be sure to add the dollar value of personal training into your value proposition/contest headline. Any competition you run needs to have what we call a value proposition – the reason that people see you as valuable. But it can’t just be “get 50% off” or “get your first month free”.

Eurovision 2022 Results: Voting & Points

Run a photo contest where one entrant can submit a photo and get their friends and family to vote on it (they’ll need to submit their contact information to vote). This could be anything … Read More

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Tune Into Nature Music Prize Winner 2021 Announced

Any attempt to understand how human life has evolved its unique cultural habits needs to start with observing what infants know and can do. Organisms regulate the development of their lives by growing structures and processes from within their vitality, by autopoiesis that requires anticipation of adaptive functions. And they must develop and protect their abilities in response to environmental affordances and dangers, with consensuality (Maturana and Varela, 1980; Maturana et al., 1995). Infants are ready for human cultural invention and collaboration as newly hatched birds are ready for flying – within ‘the biology of love’ (Maturana and Varela, 1980; Maturana and Verden-Zoller, 2008). All organisms reach out in time and space to make use of the ‘affordances’ for thought and action . Consciousness is created as the ongoing sense of self-in-movement with which we experience and manipulate the world around us.

nature music

Outside of music, I felt that my life … Read More

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