New Genre Public Art

But the place hides secrets, and as she tries to acclimatise to her new life, Sam soon discovers that her nightmare is only just beginning. In this exclusive extract from the new edition of the Guide to Writing for Children & YA, author Linda Strachan discusses writing for younger… As YA author Laura Powell releases Witch Fire, the highly-anticipated sequel to Burn Mark, she provides valuable insight into one of writing’s great… Then again, imagine if that moment of paralysing fear wasn’t short lived but instead lasted hour upon hour as the ordeal continued. The Young Classical Artists Trust is delighted to announce the addition of twelve musicians to its sought-after roster of young artists.

Genre conventions emerge from the interaction between writers and readers in a fluid process that constantly shifts the boundaries of genres (Halliday 1978; Halliday & Hasan 1985; Chandler 2000; Wilkins 2005). Despite this, the … Read More

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