How To Add Local Files To Spotify

This kind of monopolising behaviour makes commercial festivals in North America an obvious target for criticism. However, Passion only learned about ECs once she’d moved from Canada to London. “They’re definitely a standard for Europe and the UK as well,” she notes. “I would say even more so than in North America, where places are more spread out.” Across the pond, ECs are often found in cities saturated with nightlife, where venues are constantly competing for the attention of like-minded crowds.

  • Yet, it is a bustling, globetrotting club circuit that ECs exist to serve.
  • We establish communication platforms and create links from music education hubs to the commercial music industry and beyond.
  • Malvern Theatreshas been an upstanding venue for the arts since 1816, with notable patrons including Sir George Bernard Shaw.
  • A lack of competition means higher prices, and the city’s musical ecosystem being dominated by the tastes of a
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