Benefits Of Music & Nature Connection

Miles and his team highlight the importance of having a close connection with nature, which helps both the wellbeing of people and our planet. Their research shows that those who are tuned into nature are more likely to care for it and take more action towards the climate and environment emergencies. For him ‘common sense’ is based on a direct experience of external reality, experience that becomes internal in language, which is based on an innate capacity pre-dating human consciousness, and acting as an instrument for that consciousness.

  • This welcoming of the newborn as a person with intelligence and sociable impulses confirmed the parents’ belief that they could communicate feelings and interests by responding to their baby’s exquisitely timed looks, smiles, hand gestures and cooing with their own exquisitely timed gestures of voice and body.
  • I was a little kid, when my mother used to play the piano at home.
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