As a necessary part of the social restrictions in place to save lives during the pandemic, an unfortunate causality was the live music scene. Whatever genre you choose to listen to, classic or jazz; hip hop or punk; folk or metal; the electricity of a live gig just cannot be beat. Our lives were not quite the same without supporting our favourites in big arenas and local scene alike. So now, more than ever, it is so incredibly important to support our local music scene to ensure that it can continue to exist.

This guidance includes advice on managing your contact details and post-decision support, such as acknowledging the grant and requesting a payment. Hubs are coordinated by the Hub lead organisation, which takes on responsibility for the funding and governance of the Hub. Each Hub lead organisation will receive a proportion of the overall funding amount based on their share of the overall number of eligible pupils in their local authority area.

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In England, music services may be part of a Music Education Hub – groups of organisations working together to create joined-up music education provision. The best way to support your local music scene is to do so in person, but that involves a lot more than just going to gigs. For as long as nightclubs have been around, promoters have used exclusivity contracts to limit how often artists can perform in the same region, making it harder to tour locally. With coronavirus at our backs and the intensifying climate crisis on the horizon, Katia Mullova speaks to DJs, club owners and promoters to explore whether it’s time to rethink these clauses. Remember that the local files you want to add to your Spotify library must be on the computer or a USB drive or stick connected to it. To make the process easier, ensure you download everything first and store all the tunes in one folder.

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Locate the new album with the local files and download the entire album by tapping on the arrow icon. On the western slope of the Malvern Hills you will find theWest Malvern Social Club, a non-profit venue that specialises in music, arts and other events. Typically home to a dizzying array of different genres including but not limited to electronic, classic, rock and jazz. We also looked across the applications received to ensure a balance of high-quality music provision is achieved across the country.

  • “There’s more pressure to stand out in a sea of content and grab the public’s attention.
  • Sarah joined BBC Radio Devon in 2016, having grown up in Devon and the flourishing local music scene.
  • There are music services and instrumental teaching services across the UK which support the musical learning of children in a variety of ways.

We only accept submissions from musicians who are based in or originate from the NR postcode. Get the music you’re making played on BBC radio, upload your tracks to BBC Introducing. As well as delivering our services through schools we have a number of Music Centres throughout Northern Ireland to provide expert help and tuition.

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In 2018, Soul’d Out Productions sued Coachella over its excessive “territorial exclusivity” clause, which prevented artists from playing another festival in North America—or any event in nearby counties—for almost six months. Coachella had also restricted announcements of any other US gigs until their own lineup was published. It’s interesting that commercial festivals were exempt from Coachella’s regulations, while smaller economic players like Soul’d Out were impacted. The lawsuit accused Coachella as having “unreasonably” restrained interstate commerce, but how you define “unreasonable” exclusivity is not always clear, and ultimately the case was dismissed. If you still can’t find your local files, ensure you didn’t turn on any filters in your playlists. To find a song in your Spotify library, go to the Search bar and type it in.

Helmsley Arts Centre is a thriving performance venue for theatre, music, dance, talks, cinema and live broadcasts, plus exhibitions, classes and a range of creative activities for children. Music can transform children’s lives and we want to work with local families, schools and other organisations to make sure that all children get the chance to PLAY music, ACHIEVE great things and INSPIRE others. While open, you can play your local music, add then to a playlist, etc. On the other hand, macOS users have a couple of more steps to complete. To add local files to your Spotify library on your Mac, you need to enable them. Before we go into the details, note that you can only do this on the desktop app.