Songs Suitable for Listening with Friends

Music is sound that is made in such a way that it contains rhythm, song, and harmony, especially sound produced from media that can produce rhythm. Songs Suitable for Listening with Friends is a part of art, and art is an element of culture that can be said to have become a universal human need. Music is created to fulfill the human need for beauty.
Someone who will always be after the family in your life is your best friend. Friends are people who are always there for you when you are sad or happy. He is also the one who always supports whatever your decisions are, and can always be the first to defend you. The following Songs Suitable for Listening with Friends are suitable for companionship.

Audy feat Nindy – For best friends

This song has ever been a hit performed by Audy feat Nindy. You could say, this song is one of the pioneering songs in Indonesia about friendship.

Sheila On 7 – True Friends

For Sheila Gank, they must be very familiar with this song. This song is arguably a compulsory song that you really have to listen to with friends when hanging out or hanging out together.

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Sheila On 7 – A classic story

This one is really fitting to hear if you and your best friend have been friends for a very long time for many years. As if you have indeed become a classic story, which you will remember later in the future.

Project Pop – Remember The Day

The cheerful song and funny lyrics are the main attraction in this song. If you listen to it when you hang out with friends, this song can liven up the atmosphere.

Sindentosca – The cocoon

Suddenly, Sindentosca was able to enter the Indonesian music scene by singing a friendly song.

Nidji – Meaning of Friends

You who are still in school should know this song very well. This song is a must-play if there is a graduation moment.

Bruno Mars – Count On Me

The story of a friend who can be relied on, and who can always be there for you, Bruno Mars has successfully performed this song for all the friendships and friends around the world.

Jason Mraz – Song For A Friend

Besides being pleasant to hear, this song also has a deep meaning about friendship, you know. Suitable for you to listen to when hanging out with friends.

Demi Lovato – Gift of A Friend

Not always about love, Demi Lovato actually wrote this song which she dedicated to her friends. The song is meaningful too.

Miley Cyrus – True Friend

Although recently Miley has a great hobby of creating sensations, it cannot be denied that this young singer is really good at composing songs. One of them is a true friend’s song.

Rihanna- Umbrella

Together with Jay Z, Rihanna had success with this one song. If you pay attention to this one song also about friendship.

Mariah Carey – Anytime You Need a Friend

Even though it’s slow, Mariah Carey’s song is perfect for you and your friends to listen to when hanging out or hanging out together in the afternoons.

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