Music: 7 Jobs Music Lovers Shouldn't Miss

Music- A career in music is not just being a musician, you know. Music lovers have many job options for a career in this field.

It seems that working according to your passion will certainly be fun. You can do what you like and get paid.

So, what are the types of jobs that are suitable for music lovers?

Music teacher

If you’re someone who loves music and loves to share, becoming a music teacher is a great career choice. To become a music teacher, you must have the ability to play a musical instrument.

In addition, you must formally have an academic background related to the art of music.

As a teacher, you not only teach students how to use a musical instrument but also instill their interest in the world of music.

Video editor

In addition to having qualified skills in the field of video editing, a video editor must also have an understanding of music.

A video editor is not only in charge of editing and merging videos, but also adjust them with the right background music and sound effects.

You must have accuracy and sensitivity in order to match the music or sound effects with the appropriate scene. Those of you who like music will certainly love this job.

Concert manager

When else will you be able to meet your idol musician while working? Becoming a concert manager is a music lover’s dream.

According to Music Jobs, the concert manager is in charge of making the necessary arrangements for each rehearsal and concert.

The concert manager is also responsible for communicating with the people involved in the concert. The manager will arrange the necessary access to enter the venue, from musicians, musicians, technicians, to makeup artists and stylists.

The concert manager is also in charge of the schedule. Being a concert manager may seem tedious and hectic.

However, tiredness while working will pay off when you watch your favorite musician perform on stage.

Record producer

If you like tinkering with music, you can become a record producer.

As a record producer, you will work with singers and musicians to produce their songs.

According to The Balance Careers, a record producer is involved in assisting singers and/or musicians during the recording process, including providing perspective on the song being recorded.

Record producers can even get involved with arranging parts of a song or even writing them.

It must be really fun, right? Can participate in the song production process with your favorite singers or musicians.

Radio Broadcaster

Reporting from Wisegeek, a radio announcer is in charge of playing various songs and discussing various topics between the songs.

In some radio programs, you can also chat with radio listeners over the phone.

If you’re lucky, you can also chat with singers or musicians who are promoting their albums.

Music curator

The music curator is in charge of composing songs that are tailored to the character of a brand, or according to the tastes, moments, and even the mood of the listeners. To become a music curator, you must have a broad taste in music, not limited to one or two genres.

Sound engineer (audio engineer)

A sound technician is someone who is already proficient in the mechanics of recording, mixing, and reproducing sound.

Sound engineers are not the same as music producers or musicians. Specialized sound engineers focus on the technical and mechanical aspects of music and sound. And also often involved in assisting record producers and musicians to help give their work the sound they expect.

As a sound engineer, you’ll be putting together parts of a song, autotuning on, and/or add synthetic sounds to a song.

You can work as a sound engineer in a music studio, film studio, television studio, or even work directly as part of a crew of musicians who hold tours or concerts.