Jazz Musical Instruments Often Played During Jazz Concerts


Not all jazz bands or singers use complete percussion instruments to play jazz. Some only choose to use a drum plus a triangle. In fact, Jazz Musical Instruments Often Played During Jazz Concerts is different from the drum because percussion itself is a category of musical instruments that are played by being hit, shaken, or also rubbed. Maybe we have never seen these instruments at a jazz concert because of limited space or their jazz genre doesn’t really need all of them.


For some people, the violin and violin are not different, but for jazz musicians, it is a very big difference. Jazz Musical Instruments Often Played During Jazz Concerts does have the same shape, but the violin starts with a rather high note, namely G-D-A-E. Meanwhile, the violin starts from C-G-D-A. So, this violin has a rather heavy tone. Violin actually has siblings, Urbanears, namely bass. But just like the difference between violin and violin, the bass has a higher pitch when compared to other instruments. In the 19th century, the violin was a compulsory musical instrument for jazz musicians.


In 1912, the saxophone entered as a jazz instrument and later turned into one of the most iconic musical instruments in jazz. The saxophone itself is actually a musical instrument from Belgium and was very popular in the late 19th century. As discussed earlier, black people in the United States began to learn a lot of musical instruments in Europe, one of which was the saxophone. The saxophone is one of the clarinet families that first appeared. Both use single-reed, this saxophone is used for jazz bands and orchestras.

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When it was first developed, the guitar was not a jazz music formation scheme. Jazz musicians were still preoccupied with using percussion, triangle, and jawbones as wind instruments. Even before the guitar, the banjo was the first stringed instrument to enter the jazz family. The rhythm and tone released by this guitar musical instrument actually made jazz more colorful, and eventually eliminated the banjo as a stringed instrument. Here the guitar immediately developed very rapidly, in the 1930s began to appear many reliable jazz guitarists. Even in that year, a new branch of jazz emerged, namely swing jazz, with guitar as the front line. In the same year, several guitar manufacturers issued special jazz guitars.


One of the first jazz bands to use a piano player was The Original Dixieland Jazz, with Henry Ragas as a pianist. Henry Ragas himself later turned into a role model after being named as the first pianist to release a recording album in 1913.

Annual Famous Jazz Festival
Apart from the musical instruments that are generally used, the popularity of jazz is also increasing in society. This can be seen from the many jazz festivals in Indonesia. These festivals are usually held annually.
Jakarta International Java Jazz

This festival, which is often called Java Jazz, is well known to an international level. This jazz festival, which has been held since 2005, always presents famous jazz musicians not only nationally but also internationally.
Jazz Goes to Campus

This festival is intended for students who like jazz because it is held on the campus of the University of Indonesia.
Jazz Mountain

This music festival is unique because it is held on Mount Bromo. At this jazz festival, you can not only enjoy jazz songs but also enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Mount Bromo.

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