Genre: Definition, Kinds, and Types of Genre

Genre is an important aspect of the creation of a written work. Every work, of course, must have its own genre. Then, what is the meaning of genre and what are the types of genres?

Definition, Kinds, and Types of Genres

Definition of Genre

The genre is a type or group of literature on the basis of its form. Genre is an absorption term for the variety that is divided into a particular art or speech form according to the appropriate criteria for that form.
In the world of writing, genres are types or kinds of written works.

Various Genres

1. Nonfiction Genre

According to the KBBI, non-fiction is that which is not fiction but is based on facts and reality (about literary works, essays, and so on).
Nonfiction is a genre that contains writings that do not really need imagination. So, in this genre, the content of writing usually contains narratives of scientific writing, articles, tips and tricks, and historical notes.

2. Fiction Genre

According to the KBBI, fiction is a fictional story (romance, novel, and so on). Fiction is a genre that is usually a story that requires imagination in its processing.

The Fiction genre is divided into several types:


Are science (science, science, and technology) and fiction (fiction). In sci-fi, the built world is a world that has scientific technology and scientific concepts that do not necessarily exist in the real world.
Examples of sci-fi: Serenity, Matrix, and Back to the Future.


Is a type of genre in which the story and plot are built in such a way that it is able to give horror to the reader/audience. Horror can be about ghosts who like to terrorize, but it can also be about serial killers who give the impression of horror. We can say horror if it is able to give the impression of “horror” and “terror” to the reader.
Horror examples: The Ring, Saw, Final Destination, and Drag Me to Hell.


Is a genre that has magical and supernatural elements, immersed in a world that seems all surreal, but is actually very logical. Fantasy is a form of manifestation of high-level creativity that requires free imagination, but also remains logical and rational.
Examples: Lord of the Ring, Harry Potter, Enchanted, Mythological Stories, and Berserk.


Is a genre that actually elevates everyday life. In love, there are elements of everyday life that we recently call the slice of life. Romance has a characteristic where the diction written in it is read so poetically and romantically that it is able to create a heartwarming atmosphere so that readers can enjoy its beauty.
Examples: Love Verses, Let the Train Go, Karmila, and the Sinking of the Van der Vick Ship.


Is making a story a tribute to something copyrighted aka something that already exists? Parsing from the meaning of the words, fan = fans and fiction = fiction. Fanfiction can mean “fan imagination”. If you create a story based on your favorite animated film and still use the world, concepts, characters, and some aspects of the original story (fanfiction).

Thus the definition, kinds, and types of genres and some examples. Share with your friends and acquaintances.
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