As they are less fussy when it comes to taking baits and more common than larger they generally make up the majority of catches. Many anglers take a subtle approach when fishing for bass, using specialist bass rods which allow the initially shy bites of this species to be felt while also retaining the power to cast into the surf. These rods are also lighter than a standard beach caster allowing them to be held comfortably for long periods of time. It’s hard to not include one of the most recognisable instruments of all time on our list of the best bass guitars. The Rickenbacker 4003 covers a lot of ground – you’ll see metal bassists use them alongside indie and rock players.


The level of finishing is very good and, although it lacks a little of the presentation sparkle of its big brothers at the top of the range, the player gets a whole heap of bass for their buck. Every bass on this list is on there for a reason – they’re all great choices, however, it’s hard to deny the prestige and heritage held by the Fender Precision bass. As the first solid body bass, introduced over 70 years ago, it’s been played all over the world for every kind of music imaginable. Many other fishes are also known as bass; among them are the channel bass, a drum; the rock bass, a sunfish; and the calico bass, a crappie. I did contact you asking about a possible set of strings like the Goldtones but you replied that you did not have any. Inspired and encouraged by our 30 years of experience and communication with professional players and customers throughout the World, The Bass Centre is proud to present an all-new Bass Collection for the 21st century.

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You cannot catch, retain, tranship or land if you have not been issued an authorisation. Recreational fisheries, including from shore, in ICES divisions 4b, 4c, 6a, 7a to 7k are limited to catch-and-release only during 01 January to 29 February and 1 December to 31 December. We change lives by designing and delivering services to equip people with skills, advice and support to move on.

  • There have been a number of different restrictions placed on both anglers and commercial fishermen in an attempt to halt the decline.
  • Bass below the minimum size limit of 42cm must be returned.From 2016 onwards there have been regulations and limits placed on both recreational and commercial bass fishing in an attempt to restore stocks of this species.
  • The use of Panga Panga, which Ibanez claims improves the clarity and attack of your playing, is an interesting one and certainly adds a dash of visual flair.
  • It is farmed extensively in the Mediterranean, which has kept the price low.

That’s why we’d recommend getting an amp designed specially for the bass. Players covering lots of musical ground might want to think about versatility too. Some of the best basses out there allow for a different combination of pickup configurations meaning you can get all sorts of different tones out of the same instrument. Others who just want the bread and butter of bass tones to hold down the low end will do just fine with a single pickup and simple control layout.

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You might not necessarily hear the bass super loud in a mix, but you’d certainly notice if it wasn’t there. To tackle this all-important role, you’ll need an instrument that will do the job well, which is why we’ve put together a guide to the best bass guitars currently on the market. In ICES divisions 8a and 8b, a maximum of three seabass may be retained per recreational fisherman per day.

Fender Player Jazz Bass Pf, 3

Whether your genre of choice is rock, metal, pop, jazz, or a combination, most bass guitars will cover all of these very well. If you can spend between £150 to £350, you’ll get a great beginner’s bass. Ibanez, Squier and Yamaha all have excellent models at this price point. The Squier Affinity PJ Bass is particularly popular with beginners. We have a wide variety of bass guitars from manufacturers such as Sadowsky, Music Man, Rickenbacker, G&L, Ibanez and Sandberg. We also have one of the best Fender and Fender Custom Shop bass selections around!