Examples of Membranophones of Musical Instruments

Currently, membranophone musical instruments are often also known as drums or drums. But actually, there are many more, here is Examples of Membranophones of Musical Instruments:


Examples of Membranophones of Musical Instruments. Baboons are one of the many examples of membranophonic musical instruments that we can still find in one of the regions in Indonesia, namely North Kalimantan. As a part of North Kalimantan’s traditional musical instruments, baboons are also part of the membranophonic family. Made of wood and has a layer made of animal skin at the hollow ends. Baboons are also sometimes found in South Kalimantan but don’t forget because their shape is similar to a baboon drum, sometimes confusing

Barrel Drum

Barrel Drum is also still a musical instrument that includes membranophones and in Indonesia itself, this drum barrel is better known as a drum. Drum barrel is characterized by its shape in the form of a barrel and a protrusion in the middle. This type of musical instrument is usually one-headed and the middle part is open like the Tifa. The Chau Trong is an example of this type of musical instrument from Vietnam.

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Bass Drum

When hit, the bass drum will vibrate and from that vibration will come a sound like what we usually hear when people play the drums.


Bastruma is another name taken from the El Salvador language from Bass Drum which is the largest part and the part that has the lowest tone on a drum set played by a drummer.

Brick Drum

Drum brick is the name for a drum that has 2 heads that are shaped like an hourglass with one physical form that is bigger than the other. In Nigeria, it is said that this tool is used for activities related to religious matters such as in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the United States.


Friends of readers must be very familiar with the name of this instrument.


As already explained about the definition of a membranophone musical instrument above. Bende, which is also part of the musical instrument family, has a physical form of a small gong. We can find Bende in almost every archipelago in the archipelago from Sumatra to Papua. In the past,