None of the subcategories above constitutes a in its own right although they may loosely be described as text types. There may, of course, be subgenres within these categories so, for example, you may read a news report in a newspaper which happens to be a kind of recount and follows the same pattern as most recounts. On the other hand, some news reports are Information reports because they do not recount a series of events but try to give the facts of a matter. Ways of expression which were once conventional and often almost compulsory change over time as do the ways in which we communicate with each other.

  • Such differences do not arise randomly – they are the product of, usually, many hundreds of years of language change and development.
  • “A good reference guide to many crafting things an author should know about.”
  • To identify different genres used in writing and choose the most appropriate genre for texts.
  • Although the main character’s illness is always central, even sometimes to romances of those around him, it is not a continuous mystery.

Recount and Narrative are similar as are Procedure, Information report and Explanation; Exposition and Discussion are often confused. The similarities and differences can be seen in the table below but before we get to that, we need to consider where a text is situated, not physically but socially. Should be described first and foremost as a science fiction film as its plot features aliens, giant robots and other sci-fi elements.

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Readers’ knowledge of particular genres guides them towards particular books. If choosing to read a work classified as a memoir, a reader would expect to read about the writer’s life from the writer’s perspective. While Chandler suggests that classifying works in such a way leads to passive rather than active readers, reader expectation is important and writers should not ignore the role of the reader in text creation. Thinking about genre during the writing process is one way writers can consider reader expectation.


Genre painting developed particularly in Holland in the seventeenth century. The most typical subjects were scenes of peasant life or drinking in taverns, and tended to be small in scale. In Britain William Hogarth’s modern moral subjects were a special kind of genre, in their frankness and often biting social satire. The purpose of a case study is to demonstrate or develop an understanding of professional practice through the analysis of a single case.

Sign Up For The Writers & Artists Newsletter story development means a balance act between structural clustering, typecasting of characters, stylistic refinement as well as originality of narrative details. People have been writing autobiographical fiction for just about ever – and blurring genre boundaries, too. But if you don’t clue us in, if we find out after the fact, it’s a one-sided game, isn’t it? Her job – that ismyjob – is actually different from the job of a fiction writer.