I can’t wait to win a prize for afternoon tiffin in Tristan da Cunha. Sorry just being cynical, all that way for a cup of tea. Remember Oscar Wilde’s quote about The Giants Causeway in NI. Worth seeing but NOT WORTH GOING TO SEE. Let me plan my own dream trip. You have to enter county (not country!), as its just for UK residents mostly. These auto industry contest examples were built with Wishpond.


Run a summer BBQ-themed contest, where you offer a BBQ/summer party outfit. Also consider teaming up with another brand to offer a BBQ, fireworks, meat, etc. 40% of men ages 18-to-34 “would ideally buy everything online” while only 33% of women say the same. The singer has actually lived in the country for years too, and he recently spoke about his Eurovision hosting gig.

The honest answer here is that we don’t run that many B2B https://www.theresearchgopop.com/s. And that’s because, in general, there’s usually a better way for your business to find the results you want. Personal training, unlike a general gym membership, feels like a luxury .

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At Wishpond, we offer all the tools you need, as well as a team of marketing experts to create the campaign for you. Book a demo to find out how we can take your business to the next level. If you’re an office supplier, offer free shipping for a year.

  • Consider running this contest in the middle of the summer, targeting parents with children who are on Summer break.
  • A contest is a struggle to determine who’s tops –- you might wrestle an alligator in a contest of brute strength versus strategy.
  • Few contests in the recent history of British boxing have been as thrilling.
  • You lost the election for class president, but you think there was something fishy going on at the ballot box, so you contest the results and ask for a recount.

The purpose of Prepare is to mitigate the impact of a terrorist attack in an event whereby that attack cannot be stopped. “Prepare” includes bringing a terrorist attack to an end quickly, preventing its spread, and increasing the UK’s resilience to enable rapid recovery in its aftermath. The purpose of Protect is to strengthen protection against terrorist attacks in the UK or its interests overseas and thus reduce vulnerability.

Run a pre-winter contest giving away a gift card. Pitch your products as a “winter necessity.” It doesn’t matter what your products actually are, but how you portray them as relevant to what your entrants are already thinking about. These ecommerce contest examples were built with Wishpond. When it comes to social media, women are the biggest sharers – responsible for 62% of total shares on Facebook.

Auto Contest Examples From Wishpond:

Be sure to add the dollar value of personal training into your value proposition/contest headline. Any competition you run needs to have what we call a value proposition – the reason that people see you as valuable. But it can’t just be “get 50% off” or “get your first month free”.

” And it’s particularly valuable because all you’re doing is cutting into your profit margins, rather than giving away something completely free. Most restaurants don’t think about online marketing too much. Much of your business comes from word of mouth and review sites and Google search. It means that you should be running referral and bonus entry https://www.wikipedia.org/s – a competition idea that rewards your entrants with more chances to win whenever they share your contest with their friends. We’d love to brainstorm fun social media contest ideas with you one-on-one!

These Womens Ecommerce Contest Examples Were Built With Wishpond

Run a photo contest where one entrant can submit a photo and get their friends and family to vote on it (they’ll need to submit their contact information to vote). This could be anything from the Super Bowl to Christmas to National Hotdog Day. Get creative with your contest theme to drive sales in your slow season.