Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Your First Electric Violin

Playing musical instruments is a great way to help a person live with a positive vibe. Instruments like electric violins create such incredible sound which gives people joyful emotion that helps people to stay positive amidst the challenges in life. If you are planning to purchase an electric violin, you have to be aware of the questions you should ask before buying your first electric violin.

Questions you should ask before buying your first electric violin

What is your budget?

The first and the most important question that you should ask before buying your first electric violin is your budget. If you are really willing to own the best and well-suited violin for you, you will always have to consider your budget limit first. There are many types and brands of violin that are available everywhere. All you have to do is gather some information regarding the price of every … Read More

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5 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Clarinet

Clarinet is a wood wind instrument. If you are aiming to get comfortable with this instrument, you should scrutinize these useful results it will have on you.

Let us assess why you should join a clarinet lesson.

1. It makes you fit

Since it is a woodwind instrument, it expects that you ought to have control on your unwinding. Doing this also expands your lung limit. This develops your centre and is an unbelievable exercise for your stomach. It likewise advances your position and changes your back.

2. Better coordination

There is a great deal of keys on the clarinet which you will play simultaneously while reading the notes. This requires unfathomable eye-hand coordination. Haven’t you seen how rapidly the fingers of a clarinet player moves? You need to move the keys composed fittingly, read music notes, review your right technique for playing and check your position all at … Read More

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Examples of Membranophones of Musical Instruments

Currently, membranophone musical instruments are often also known as drums or drums. But actually, there are many more, here is Examples of Membranophones of Musical Instruments:


Examples of Membranophones of Musical Instruments. Baboons are one of the many examples of membranophonic musical instruments that we can still find in one of the regions in Indonesia, namely North Kalimantan. As a part of North Kalimantan’s traditional musical instruments, baboons are also part of the membranophonic family. Made of wood and has a layer made of animal skin at the hollow ends. Baboons are also sometimes found in South Kalimantan but don’t forget because their shape is similar to a baboon drum, sometimes confusing

Barrel Drum

Barrel Drum is also still a musical instrument that includes membranophones and in Indonesia itself, this drum barrel is better known as a drum. Drum barrel is characterized by its shape in the form of … Read More

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This Video Clip Presents the Beauty of Indonesian Nature

Music is a universal language for conveying messages. Want messages on social, political, environmental, education, family, love, and the spirit of life can enter various circles through music. Indonesia has an array of musicians delivering This Video Clip Presents the Beauty of Indonesian Nature.

Some often make songs about social, environmental, and political issues so that it becomes their hallmark. The messages in the songs are usually manifested through This Video Clip Presents the Beauty of Indonesian Nature. There is a touch of creativity in the making of the video clip. One form of creativity is the selection of the settings for the video clips to be made.

Saved in the Heart – Eka Gustiwana (ft. Prince Husein & Sara Fajira).

Throughout This Video Clip Presents the Beauty of Indonesian Nature, there are music players, singers, and traditional dancers. In the middle of the video, Sara Fajira gives a … Read More

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Songs Suitable for Listening with Friends

Music is sound that is made in such a way that it contains rhythm, song, and harmony, especially sound produced from media that can produce rhythm. Songs Suitable for Listening with Friends is a part of art, and art is an element of culture that can be said to have become a universal human need. Music is created to fulfill the human need for beauty.
Someone who will always be after the family in your life is your best friend. Friends are people who are always there for you when you are sad or happy. He is also the one who always supports whatever your decisions are, and can always be the first to defend you. The following Songs Suitable for Listening with Friends are suitable for companionship.

Audy feat Nindy – For best friends

This song has ever been a hit performed by Audy feat Nindy. You could say, … Read More

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Distinguishing Acoustic and Electric Drum Instruments

Other musical instruments such as guitar and bass or drums are also divided into two types, namely acoustic and electric. Many also ask how to distinguish between an acoustic drum and an electric drum. Distinguishing Acoustic and Electric Drum Instruments is to look at their advantages and disadvantages. Then some beginner drummers get a similar question, which is which option is most suitable for practicing proficiency in playing drums. Because the choice depends on the convenience of each with Distinguishing Acoustic and Electric Drum Instruments

Advantages of Acoustic and Electric Drums

Advantages of Electric Drum

To distinguish between acoustic and electric drum instruments, you must know the advantages of electric drums, firstly, in terms of their small and simple size so that they are more compact to carry a gig from one location to another. Then this electric drum is also quiet and doesn’t have to stun or reset every … Read More

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Jazz Musical Instruments Often Played During Jazz Concerts


Not all jazz bands or singers use complete percussion instruments to play jazz. Some only choose to use a drum plus a triangle. In fact, Jazz Musical Instruments Often Played During Jazz Concerts is different from the drum because percussion itself is a category of musical instruments that are played by being hit, shaken, or also rubbed. Maybe we have never seen these instruments at a jazz concert because of limited space or their jazz genre doesn’t really need all of them.


For some people, the violin and violin are not different, but for jazz musicians, it is a very big difference. Jazz Musical Instruments Often Played During Jazz Concerts does have the same shape, but the violin starts with a rather high note, namely G-D-A-E. Meanwhile, the violin starts from C-G-D-A. So, this violin has a rather heavy tone. Violin actually has siblings, Urbanears, namely bass. But … Read More

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Iaspm » Blog Archive » Rethinking The Music Business

business music

The expertise of Rob Dickins shall be offered through his involvement in the delivery of certain visitor lectures, and can give students an insight into finest and worst trade practice in this area. Particular emphasis will be given to developing an understanding of the new and numerous wants for creative talent in the evolving music trade. A&R expertise are maybe of larger importance than ever, even if they are going to be utilised increasingly outside of the normal record firm framework. From the very begin of your diploma you’ll be immersed within the music business setting and immediately engaged with apply.

Explore your career potentialities as you work directly with industry professionals and begin your own report label, sign bands, produce music and be taught essential advertising and occasions expertise. You will attend major music-industry networking occasions and native music festivals. These provides you with essential industry connections and discover … Read More

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Hnd Music Business Full Time Course At Glasgow Kelvin Faculty

business music

I hope to realize a working information of the music business in order that I can discover employment on this area and would take every opportunity of labor experience each time possible. I hope that my musicianship would be of use in contributing to school life in no matter performance teams could be obtainable. My composition and arrangement expertise are growing well and supported by an excellent working knowledge of Cubase and Sibelius.

Academically, I feel that I am keeping up with the music history and that my essay writing abilities are enhancing. I am also experienced in numerous compositional expertise together with Bach Chorales, Figured Bass and Serialism. I am presently undecided as to my final possibility for A2 Music however will probably select composition. I will nonetheless, proceed with my saxophone research and attempt to obtain a excessive grade of accomplishment before leaving College. Music Business HND is … Read More

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